Ideas for Articles?

We are looking for ideas on which articles to write first.

Here is a list of things we have experience with. If you comment below with your interests we can try to do those first.

  • Pressure canning produce
  • Pressure canning soups
  • Pressure cooking dinner
  • Pressure cooking eggs
  • Thermos cooking grains and breakfast
  • Raising chickens with minimal input
  • Raising rabbits with minimal input
  • Water filtration in the city and in the country
  • Making a charcoal gasifier to run an engine
  • Making a wood gasifier to run an engine
  • Making a pocket rocket to heat a small area
  • Brewing Wine. Raspberry, Rhubarb, or pear
  • Making more alcoholic wine by removing water
  • Making Vinegar
  • Making Vanilla extract
  • Doing “No Poo” (No shampoo in your hair)
  • Making your own shampoo and conditioner
  • Making your own body wash
  • Making your own face wash
  • Making your own laundry detergent
  • Making your own dishwasher detergent
  • Making your own tooth paste
  • Making your own deodorant
  • Making your own surface cleaning solution
  • Making your own shower spray
  • Making your own dishwasher rinse
  • Making your own hand soap
  • Making your own ant killer
  • Making your own carpet freshener
  • Making your own oven/tub cleaner
  • Making your own baby wipes
  • Using Cloth Diapers
  • Making lotion for girls
  • Making lotion for guys
  • Making your own rifle sling
  • Making your own flashlight holder for a rifle
  • How to properly train with your firearms
  • How to train with firearms without spending a fortune on ammo
  • How to shoot a pistol
  • How to shoot a rifle in close quarters
  • How to shoot a rifle long distance
  • Installing motion detectors on your house
  • Buying and setting up cheap and reliable 2 way radio communications for your family
  • How to eat the things that grow in your yard
  • How to run a campaign for State House of Representatives.
  • How to give birth without drugs or surgery
  • How to remove a mole or skin tag with apple cider vinegar
  • How to make your own solar panels


Things we will be trying in the near future.

  • How to grow quinoa in Minnesota
  • How to grow Amaranth in Minnesota
  • How to grow oats in Minnesota
  • How to make a rocket mass heater
  • How to make a rocket stove for cooking
  • How to make a garage from straw bales
  • How to make a ram pump

Please comment what you would like to see written.


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  • Anthony Meschke
    January 18, 2015 (12:25 am)

    I would like to see an article on a water filter, laundry detergent making and toothpaste.
    Thanks.(Test comment)

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